OSSU's values


we believe in sustainability, in protecting mother earth, the environment and diminishing the human foot print. We believe in consuming more responsibly, by choosing organic whenever possible, consuming more plant-based and less animal protein, and eating as much locally grown, seasonal food as is practical.


transparency breeds trust and leads to a fair and fruitful business relationship for all parties.


our guiding philosophy is to treat everyone we work with – clients, customers, associates – as we wish to be treated ourselves, with respect, honesty, and fairness.


we genuinely believe in a « win-win » approach because it is only when both parties gain that a healthy, sustainable and long-lasting relationship is possible.


 trust is paramount for all meaningful relationships. We work hard every day to gain and keep your trust.


money is obviously important in business, but it’s not the only thing. At OSSU we love what we do and we love to do it well. We are passionate about organic, sport and spirituality – and about adding value to our client’s businesses.